Wireless Network
Penetration Test

One of our experts will deliver a penetration test for your Wireless Network and perform an assessment of the configuration. This Pen-test and Configuration assessment will be correlated and wrapped into a detailed but digestible report.

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What are the Benefits/Outcomes?

This wireless network penetration test provides awareness for wireless security strengths and identifies weaknesses against best practice.

The report will demonstrate the findings and give recommendations for remediation.

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What's included?

  • Testing workshop with the customer to identify the testing approach and wireless details
  • Perform the Wireless Pentest onsite
  • Perform an assessment of Wireless Security configuration (8)
  • Produce a report containing:
    • Timeframe of testing
    • Test Cases
    • Test Outcomes in risk/priority order
    • Recommended remediations
  • Deliver a review workshop to review the test findings and recommended remediations

How much does it cost?

The fixed cost for this service is:    £6,385

Optional items:

  • Re-test after 3 months:    £2,490


Maximum numbers: 1x Wireless Network

Vendors for Configuration Assessment: Cisco & Cisco Meraki, Aruba Wireless, Ubiquiti, Extreme

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