Cheat Sheets for a manageable Cisco architecture

There are lot of challenges to overcome in the world of IT. In the world of Cisco, things are no different. There are just so many products, services and options to choose from, and all of your choices need to be in line with the company strategy and comply with regulations. Also, everything and everyone within your company network needs to be protected against cyber attacks and data leakage. 

This list of tasks and responsibilities can be quite overwhelming, which is why we've create a range of practical cheat sheets. They all help you create and maintain a secure, manageable and cost-effective Cisco architecture that works exactly like it should. 

The cheat sheets are no ebooks- they're compact checklist that get you up to date within minutes. Get them for free below!

Security Cheat Sheet

It seems like every week we hear stories of organisations becoming a victim of a brand-new type of cyber-attack. Their data has been compromised, their customers are angry, and hefty fines are coming their way. Such news can be scary, especially if you work in IT! That’s why we put together this refresher on the most pressing subjects in the current security landscape, especially created for companies that work with Cisco.

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Licensing Cheat Sheet

Cisco Licenses can be a jungle. What starts with two or three products can grow into a dark licensing forest with lots of subscriptions and renewal dates, rooted in many different partner contracts. It’s no one fault, it’s just what happens when businesses grow! The good news is that you can take back control over your applications and infrastructure so that you can focus on your actual job: making IT work. This cheat sheet will help you get there.

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