The BIG Cisco Clean Up

A way out of the jungle of products, subscriptions and renewal dates.

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Restructuring the Cisco Jungle...

We’ve all been there. Three Cisco products turned into a lot of Cisco products and now we’re drowning in an ocean of overlapping features, unused applications and end of life dates. Cisco architectures can easily turn into a jungle, and when it happens, it’s not easy to find your way out. 

This is why we’ve come up with the Big Cisco Clean Up. It’s a short but intensive cleaning project where you restructure your Cisco architecture so that it becomes more manageable, cost-effective and, if you do it well, promotion-winningly good.

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The 5 Principles of the Big Cisco Clean Up


Group 607
Create an inventory

Group 606
Get rid of excess waste

Group 605
Restructure your contracts

Group 604
Set up a calendar

Group 608
Do a budget forecast

“But, that sounds like a lot of work”

True. But the good news is that cleaning up a Cisco architecture is worth your time. Imagine what your working days would be like if you no longer had to worry about expired subscriptions, overlapping or unused products and chaos!

And what if we told you that a clean up not only helps you clear out the mess from the past, but also supports you in building a future-proof Cisco environment while getting valuable insights in future expenses? Your manager will explode with pride. And you can leave the office at 5pm.


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In need of a clean up?

Does your Cisco architecture need a clean up? Time to find out! Play the Big Cisco Clean Up Game and find out where you can improve. No need to fill out a form - the game is freely available on our website. Try it out, it’s fun!


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Cisco Enterprise Agreements:
Yay or Nay?

The Big Cisco Clean Up is all about restructuring products. Chances are high you’ll switch from separate products to integrated solutions. These so-called Enterprise Agreements contain several products and services in the same category, such as security and communication. Many decision makers have a healthy fear for Enterprise Agreements, as they sound expensive. This is true for smaller companies, as their IT architecture is often quite straightforward and adding integrated solutions isn’t worth the investment. However, for enterprises and growing businesses, Enterprise Agreements come with many benefits:

  • They come with extra services such as support and licencing
  • They come with a flex plan that helps you add users as your company grows
  • You often get more while paying less
  • Since you buy a solution rather than separate products, you only have one single renewal date

If you want to read more about Enterprise Agreements, check out this page.

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