Video Everywhere
with Webex

An expert will set you up on Webex Cloud and natively integrate Webex with 3rd Party Platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google and Zoom.

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What are the Benefits/Outcomes?

Have all major collaboration platforms communicating with each other in a seamless way so there is no infidelities in how customers, clients and partners communicate.

This allows businesses to operate with minimum service outages with the next-generation collaboration features build into the platforms.

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What's included?

  • Initiate Kick-off meeting with customer to understand the environment, use cases and expectations of the platforms they are looking to adopt.
  • Perform an assessment of the current platforms to identify any existing configurations so we can uncover any dependencies that may hinder the integration process. This may be cloud, hybrid or on prem.
  • Perform platform configurations on Webex, Azure, Zoom or Google Cloud portals.
  • Configure any endpoint or client devices to support registration
  • Complete configuration in a maximum 5 working days with the least amount of disruption.

How much does it cost?

Webex with one integration:    £2000

Webex with two integrations:    £3000

Webex with three integrations:   £4000

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