Fixed-Cost Security Services

If there’s one area of technology that can’t be ignored, it’s security. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – that attitude can land you in some serious hot water with cyber-security. That’s because threats are constantly evolving. You have to work constantly to ensure your organisation isn’t the next hacking victim named on the news.

The issue is taking all these precautions is A LOT of work. It’s work that you simply don’t have the time to do. Don’t worry, that’s what Tesrex are here for!

Below you can find a series of different security services that we offer. If you view them you will see they each have clear deliverables and a transparent price associated with them. Let us help you by completing the tasks you either don’t have time for or don’t have the certain niche expertise for. If you’d like you can first take a look at our previous successful projects.

Web Application Penetration Test

Deliver a penetration test for internet-facing applications and a test report highlighting the findings in a priority and risk focus with recommended remediation actions.

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Cisco ISE Upgrade

One of our Cisco ISE experts will perform an in-place Cisco ISE upgrade for your environment so your platform is on the latest release. This will save you time and prevent disruption.

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Firewall Upgrade

An expert will perform a Firewall platform upgrade consisting of up to 3 pairs of firewalls and 1 pair of Management Devices saving you time and improving security.

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Platform End-of-life Assessment

We will review your security estate and deliver a detailed report on which hardware is nearing end-of-life and provide you with future considerations and a roadmap for refresh.

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Azure MFA Integration

This service will enable Multi-Factor Authentication for customers using procured Azure MFA for remote access VPN. There are many vendors included in the scope.

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Wireless Network Penetration Test

Our Wireless Network Penetration Test & Assessment will review how secure your wireless network is. The test and configuration assessment will be correlated and wrapped into a report.

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Network Security Visibility Assessment

This service provides a visibility assessment of the customer's environment to identify expected and unexpected traffic. A variety of tools can be used to perform this assessment.

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