Acela Network Configuration Compliance automation ensures all devices are following best practices and the standards necessary to keep your company secure.

Automate, review and standardise configurations based on vendor’s best practices. Customise further to include configuration variances specific to your company. 


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What does Acela do?

Network configurations can vary from device to device. Different software versions and different engineers implementing them all can lead to quite a mess. Standardisation is often desired and rarely achieved. With Acela’s Network Configuration Compliance, we can get you there and importantly, keep you there!

Beyond just compliance, your engineering team will be able to search for a single IP or configuration line across the entire list of devices and go directly to the line in question. This alone can save critical time to resolution when dealing with highly stressful situations such as outages and IP conflicts.

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5 Features of Acela Configuration Compliance


Configuration Management

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Industry Best Practices

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Real-time Search

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Custom Rulesets

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Change Management

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“But, how does it actually work?”

We leverage your existing monitoring tool such as SolarWinds or deploy our own to capture the running configurations across all network devices. This information is fed to our secure Cloud platform and updated daily (configurable). From there our preset compliance runs parse each configuration and details the severity of any configuration lines not meeting the rule.

We can also build custom rules specific to your needs. From, your team and making the change, re-run Compliance and ensure the configurations are in line with best practices and following the standards across the board.

Since Acela can parse across all configuration data, this gives us the unique ability to also search across configurations. This makes troubleshooting complex tickets or even finding a needle in a haystack IP address a breeze.

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What's unique about Acela


Acela was built by a team of engineers who collectively voiced their biggest challenges and headaches in IT since their introduction into the industry. Any of Acela’s modules are built to free up time and ensure consistency and compliance while minimising downtime.

The Configuration Compliance module is a prime example. No more SSH into 30 different switches to see where that bad route or configuration line might be. Just Search via Acela and go right to the device(s) and the code itself. The built-in and custom compliance Rules ensure that regardless of personnel changes, best practices are followed throughout. A simple one-click compliance report is doing hundreds of hours of manual work that every engineer dreads.

  • Realtime configuration compliance
  • Search for any syntax across all devices
  • Change History
  • Custom rules bespoke to your needs
  • Dashboards and reporting to ensure consistency

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