Your Premier IT Asset Management Tool for Effortlessly Compiling and Mastering Your Cisco Estate.

With Acela, bringing your Cisco assets under control has never been easier. This one-click solution helps you achieve perfect harmony in managing your entire Cisco Estate.


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Cisco Asset Management like never before...

Acela revolutionizes Cisco asset management by providing an all-encompassing solution like never before. With its intuitive interface and robust feature set, Acela simplifies the otherwise complex task of compiling and managing your Cisco estate.

Whether it's real-time asset tracking, automated updates, or comprehensive reporting, Acela empowers you with the tools needed to gain unparalleled visibility and control over your Cisco assets. It ensures that your IT infrastructure operates at peak efficiency, streamlining processes and reducing overhead costs. Acela is the key to optimizing your Cisco estate management experience, making it effortless and more effective than ever.

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How Acela Automates your Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Management


Device Inventory

Group 607

Support Contract Details

Group 571


EoS/EoL Status

Group 604


Replacement Option

Group 572b


Software Version Comparison

Group 573c


“But, how does it actually work?”


Acela ties into your existing monitoring tools such as Solarwinds or we can deploy our own. From there, we’ll collect the device details across your organisation into our secure Cloud for processing. Acela's backend APIs tie directly into Cisco and associate the devices to their respective contracts and device status (EoL/LDoS). We can also compare the running version of the operating system to the vendor recommended.

From there, you can either set up alerts and/or have scheduled reports run for various teams to always be current.

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What's unique about Acela

Acela was built to tackle the challenges we’ve faced in the real world for decades with no easy solution. The lifecycle and asset management tasks are highly time-consuming, prone to errors and the data is outdated quickly. We’re looking to break this “rinse and repeat cycle.” We believe Lifecycle management should be modernised like the rest of IT systems and Acela is built exactly for that purpose.

  • Real-time asset management
  • Automated contract management and lifecycle details
  • Software version control checks
  • Executive summary and detailed reporting for intended audiences